RE: the artistic hiatus

I have to say that time off is exactly what I've needed. After much thought, it seems clear to me that the comic in it's current form is more of a burden than it's worth. I think my decision has been made. I will still do comics, but they will be done as the whim of my inspiration and will most likely be posted to my fA account. With that, I will probably retire the ComicGenesis page. I'm a bit disapointed that I didn't complete the Crappy Cable storyline, but I learned quite a bit about writing and plot development during these past 3 years. This was my 1st attempt, not only as a cartoonist, but as a writer and while I never developed the fanbase I'd hoped for, I consider it a success.

...and for those who'd consider continuing to follow my artwork...I will see you on
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Almost the weekend!

Well...the weekend is almost here, and while I won't be at FWA, I do get to go to Myrtle Beach for another Big House appearance.

I figured out what is up with the comic....there is too much overhead in the process and it stopped being fun. I have been able to streamline the process and I will continue. I plan on taking advantage of the hiatus and building up at least a month of comics before I start posting again. I start working on that as soon as possible so I can get things up and running.
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Blah! Started feeling the crud yesterday and last night it hit full force. Don't know if I'll go into work tonight.

Of course, finishing the comics is pretty much the last thing on my mind now. To be perfectly honest, over the past 3 months or so, I've had difficulty getting excited about anything I've been writting. I've started to wonder if I should continue putting this thing out there or move on to other artistic persuits. Or perhaps ditch the Crappy Cable storyline and become a strictly fandom based comic. I think I will officially consider myself on hiatus until I decide what I want to do.

I think the thing that frustrates me most is the fact that I hear so many people say, "you're artwork is so good. Why not sell some?". one will buy! I still recognize that I'm not in this for the money, but it can be frustrating watching artists of lesser calaber pull in non-stop commissions while my uncommon requests for commissions get met with the chirping of crickets. I guess I haven't been effectivly marketing myself, but I have no idea how to get around that. Of course, the bottom line for me right now is that all my new obligations (Gabriel and all my new fursuiting gigs particularly) have continuously eroded time that I used to have for other persuits (poker and artwork).
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(no subject)

Life once again is kicking my butt and not giving me much time to get stuff done. I've got to ditch today's comic to get my obligations finished, but I have February completely scripted and my trip to Charlotte was canceled, so I will have LOADS of time this weekend to get ahead (finally).

I will favor you with one more pic from this weekend. This one easily got the most attention of all the pics I posted. Gabriel walked about 30 feet to me at the mall. It took him a little while to get there since he was so distracted by all the people. Of course, while this was going on EVERYONE at the event was photographing
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1st late comic of the year.... was bound to happen. I havn't been able to get out and get today's comic scaled down for publication. I won't get it up until tomorow morning.

I am working on more right now, so I can finally get back ahead and eliminate the finishing today's comic today patern I've been in for the past year or so.
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today's comic

Today's comic is on it's way. I had to overcome some adversity to get it done. My pen set wasn't in my bag last night and I had to "rough it". I still think it turned out ok despite that.

BTW, I am making some modifications to the characters. Just trying to make them look a bit more like their own species and not so much just carbon copies of the same basic design. Just another natural step in the process of getting better....
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Happy New Year...

Happy New Year everyone! I'm going to work now, blah (would so rather be fursuiting some NYE event somewhere, LOL)

BTW, scripting for the comic went very well over my hiatus and everything will resume Wednesday....
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Christmas holiday...

With everything that's going on right now, I've made the decision to continue the comic after the new year. I've hit a good breaking point as it is....the next comic with begin at the morning after that screwy ice storm hit and will get hectic pretty quick.
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